Hello and thank you for your interest in a Tarot Card Reading.  Your reader’s name is Cathy Roberts.  She is an experienced Intuitive Tarot reader with advanced trainings. Cathy has read Tarot for over thirty years.  In addition to being a sought-after Tarot Card Reader, she has a degree in applied science with a major in the caring professions.  Cathy is also a certified Life Coach, a Palm Reader, and a writer.

It is Cathy’s belief that the Tarot is a dynamic Intuitive tool that can potentially help a person make empowered choices and changes in their life.  Her readings are focused on getting you answers that help you to take inspired action.  If you are looking for some guidance that may improve your life, Cathy would love to help you with a Tarot reading.

Let’s see what the cards suggest!

Cathy has been described as a trustworthy person…someone who sincerely cares about helping others.  She is looking forward to the Hope of Helping you, too.

Please see her testimonials.

Cathy is located in Findlay, Ohio in the United States of America.