You must be of legal age to receive a Tarot Card reading as per the laws of the area of the world in which you reside that define legal age. Readings are to be paid for at the time of receipt of the invoice.  You understand and agree to the fact that the Tarot Card reading is based on what the cards suggest at the time of the reading.  Personal results and outcomes are not guaranteed.  Along with a free clarity session you are gifted with up to 1 (one) follow up questions within 48 (forty-eight) hours after the reading has been delivered to your inbox. This follow up question will not be answered after 48 (forty-eight) hours have elapsed.  All invoices are in United States of America dollars.  You understand and agree that I (Cathy Roberts) am an Intuitive Reader and that I do not do predictive readings, nor do I do third-party readings.  You understand and agree that you may not get the answer you are looking for, however, I do read the cards as they are and that there are no refunds. I do not do timeline, legal or medical readings. I cannot do yes/no readings as we all have free will and are able to change our minds at any time.  You understand and agree that your Tarot Card Reading is delivered to the email address you provided and that Here’s to Hope Tarot is not responsible if someone else reads it. All readings are confidential unless there are indications that there is the potential for emergency situation in which case, I reserve the right to contact the authorities. I, Cathy Roberts, owner of Here’s to Hope Tarot reserve the right to decline to do any reading at any time for any reason and do not have to provide an explanation.  This means I, Cathy Roberts, owner of Here’s to Hope Tarot can cancel a reading even if it has been agreed upon by us to move forward.