my picture thumbnail“Cathy is a natural born healer.  Her loving heart shines through and ripples peaceful vibrations to each beautiful soul that has a reading with her.  She is fully present during sessions, holds space for those with whom she is working and offers information and guidance while flowing love and compassion.  Highly intuitive and accurate. Cathy is a rare combination of pure magic and love.”                                                                                                      ~Katy Mercer owner of The Lavender Hour                                                                        in Findlay, Ohio-USA


“Cathy was great at teaching me how to ask the proper question to get the best reading.  It taught me a lot and I found the reading to be more useful after I revised my question”…”I appreciate being taught how to ask the proper question because it allowed for a more targeted reading.  I also appreciate Cathy’s effort and time to really explain the cards she pulled and how they applied to my situation.”     ~Patricia, USA


“You completely answered my question.  The cards you pulled were very aligned with my current reality which was a much needed validation. Thank you!  You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward.  And I’d like you to know that….yes, the cards gave me the words to explain an underlying fear that I knew was there but wasn’t sure how to explain.  The reading gave me more clarity on how to explain my hesitancy”…”Despite never meeting Cathy, I got the feeling she deeply cared about giving me value with her explanations…The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value.”    ~Kim, USA


“Thank you, Cathy for such a lovely reading.  I resonate with Cathy’s reading.  Through her reading, I can see the positive side of things and I know that I am on the right path.  She even has equipped me with tools to improve various aspects of my life.  She explained everything in detail, leaving no room for doubt or further questions.  One should definitely consult Cathy for guidance.  Thank you, Cathy for giving me hope for all the possibilities ahead of me. Your reading is a blessing in disguise for me.”                                                                                             ~ Shreya, India