my picture thumbnailWhat type of readings do you offer?  I am a trained Intuitive Tarot card reader with over 30 years of experience.  I offer Intuitive readings to help empower you to take inspired action.  I read for people who want to improve and transform their lives.

What type of readings are not offered?  Please do not hesitate to send me your question.  Many times, the Free Clarity Session leads us to an empowered question that works to serve you. No obligation so no worries.  With that understanding the following is information I want you to know about my readings:

We all have free will.  This being said, I cannot answer yes/no, timeline, or predictive questions. I am not a psychic, nor am I a fortune teller–so I cannot predict the future. I am in Intuitive Reader. I cannot answer third party questions such as how someone else is feeling about you or what someone else may or may not do. I cannot answer legal, medical, or financial questions.  I am a highly trained Intuitive Tarot Card reader with over 30 years of experience.

Please–do not let this cause you to hesitate.  Just go ahead and send me your question.  It is quite possible we can collaborate together and gain Clarity allowing for a reading to be done for you.

How does the FREE clarity session work?  This can vastly increase the success of your reading. Email me your question. I offer one Free Clarity Session per reading. Taking a little time to gain a Clarity between us helps you receive the best reading possible. It helps us get focused and centered for greater understanding. We will collaborate together to create Clarity between us on your question and turn it into One Empowered Question. Create a connection. A flow.

When we agree upon this One Empowered Question, we can move forward with your Tarot Card Reading. {This is an easy process. Many of my clients have told me they are so grateful for it this as the Clarity Session really enhanced their reading}.  ∼no obligation, so no worries.  Click here to send me your question:

How long does it take to get my reading?   I agree to have your reading done within 48 (forty-eight) hours after we have finished your Clarity Session and have agreed upon your One Empowered Question.

Do you allow follow up questions after the reading has been delivered?  Yes, as a gift to you.  I allow for 1 (one) follow up questions within 48 (forty-eight hours) of your reading being delivered. I cannot answer follow up questions after this time frame. So, please watch for your reading.

What payment methods do you use?  I use PayPal.

When is payment due?  Payment is due upon receipt of your reading.

How are readings delivered?   Your reading is delivered to your email inbox.  Many of my clients tell me they appreciate a written reading as they can refer back to it at any time.  No appointments.  Just easy.