my picture thumbnailPredictive/TimeLine Readings: I do not do predictive, yes/no or timeline readings.  I am not psychic nor am I a fortune teller.  This means I cannot tell you the future…if something may or may not happen.  It is extremely imperative to note here that we all have something called free will. That we can change our minds or actions.

I am a trained and experienced Intuitive Tarot Card Reader.  I will read the cards for you Intuitively.  We will see what the cards suggest.  Please remember that it is so true—You have free will, too.  As I said, we will see what the cards suggest, but it is up to you if you choose to take action—or not.

PLEASE–do not let this stop you from sending me your question.  Many times, we can collaborate our Energies by using the Free Clarity Session and get you the reading that your need.  Contact me:

Predictive/Timeline Readings